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Great Idea. Always.

Discover the high quality of our tomato, grown exclusively in Italy and according to the only standard we know and respect: the good and healthy food.

Discover all our delights: from tomato to extravirgin olive oil to vegetables, up to Italian gourmet specialties.

Taste our tomatoes and immediately discover our idea of ​​genuineness. Our product range ranges from tomato to extra virgin olive oil to fresh product.

Transparent quality

The secret of our products? Love for hard work and authenticity on the table. No trick, no magic.

Friendly farm

The range of Alessia products is made only from high quality raw material. Born, cultivated, harvested and processed in Italy.

Long tradition

Our long experience in the sector guarantees the ability to select and bring to the table only the best of the fruits of our land.

Alessia, the best italian tomato for your pizza and pasta: good to eat, easy to cook.

The range of tomatoes Alessia covers the needs of the simple final consumer, who loves to eat well every day up to those of the restaurateur, attentive to the choice of ingredients for his dishes or to the modern pizza maker, more and more demanding and looking for the perfect components for the his creations.


The best friend of Pizza!


To make a great pizza it is not enough to know how to combine the ingredients, it is necessary to have raw materials of the highest level, with our tomato success is assured.
And also no waste and always fresh product with the practical “open and close” cap.

Available size: 2x5Kg. / 1x10Kg.

Our best tomatoes

Alessia Gold edition, the best of the best. A maniacal selection of the best tomatoes that our land gives us. For connoisseurs only.


Available size
Peeled Tomatoes: 1850gr. drained weight

Top Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extravirgin Olive Oil is the result of a careful selection of oils of varieties of olives carefully picked and pressed, a quality product that, thanks to its soft and balanced flavor, is ideal for enhance the taste of every dish without covering it. An oil that knows how to combine excellent quality with a competitive price.


Available size: 1lt, 3lt, 5lt.

Fresh Olives

We could say that in Italy there is a sort of “cult of the olives”, this precious fruit, of millenary tradition, never fails on the tables of gourmets. We select only the best olives to make them become Alessia.


Available size: 250gr, 450gr, 900gr, 3.5kg, 5kg.


Available size: 250gr, 450gr, 900gr, 3.5kg, 5kg., 12kg.

Your business partners

Are you an entrepreneur in the catering sector? Would you like to raise the quality of your dishes with the high quality of Italian products? We can help your business grow and establish itself in an increasingly competitive market. Ask us how.

Contact us

Contact us today!

Whether you are a catering professional, a connoisseur of Italian cuisine or just a lover of good food we will be happy to answer all your questions.